A gateway to ancient Greek culture
Second edition

Above: The Temple of Poseidon at Sounio, Greece. Creator: Cristina Gottardi. Source: Unsplash. License: Unsplash license.

To the Reader

Welcome to the second, greatly expanded edition of Paideia: A gateway to ancient Greek culture. These pages serve as a gateway to the best resources for serious scholarly research on the art, culture, history, literature and society of Greek antiquity, from its beginnings in the Archaic Age to the death of Alexander the Great and the era of international Hellenism. The brief but extraordinary outpouring of classical Greek civilization laid the foundations for a continental civilization by which, for better and for worse, no culture on the terrestrial globe can claim to have remained untouched. Without the culture of ancient Greece -- including its precursors, its imitators, its interpreters, and its detractors -- the modern world in which we live is scarcely conceivable.

On these pages, you can find an inclusive collection of standard and recent scholarly works in English alongside a broad selection of relevant and authoritative articles from the Oxford Classical Dictionary (4th ed., 2012). All of the resources presented herein are linked to the University at Buffalo (UB) library catalog where possible, or directly to UB-licensed online access. Non-UB users should consult WorldCat to determine the availability of desired resources in libraries close to them.

The books on this guide have been arranged and presented so as to allow suitably motivated beginning students to deepen their engagement with the extraordinary phenomenon of ancient Greek experience, and to offer seasoned scholars a rapid and user-friendly overview of works fundamental to numerous subdisciplines in Hellenic studies.

Use the dropdown menus at the top of each page to navigate between topics. Guide pages devoted to further topics will be added as time and opportunity permit. Suggestions for additions or changes are welcome.

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Below: Sunset in Santorini, Greece. Creator: Massimiliano Donghi. Source: Unsplash. License: Unsplash license.